Vaginal Sores

Vaginal sores can be a symptom of yeast infections, or another vaginal problem such as genital warts. Since it might be difficult to know whether you have vaginal sores, you will only have other symptoms to go by so these should be heeded and attended to by a qualified physician.

Again, the problem with Vaginal Sores is that since you have to rely on other symptoms to warn you of this, you might very well ignore these other symptoms thereby causing your Vaginal Sores to become worse and in some cases, spread.

Symptoms to indicate that you might have Vaginal Sores include, but are not limited to itching in and around the vaginal area, tenderness, soreness, a burning sensation, pain during sexual intercourse, possible pain during urination, and maybe an outer rash or redness on the vulva or outer lips.

If you have any or all of these indications you could have vaginal sores, or you could be suffering from some other medical condition. This is why its always good to have these looked at by trained medical personnel.

Another problem that arises with such things as Vaginal Sores is that quite a lot of people are embarrassed about their condition and will not seek medical help. While all this is very admirable from a social standpoint, it can be potentially dangerous for you to ignore such blatant symptoms as those mentioned earlier.

Youre much better off leaving your social graces and conditionings behind you and getting then necessary treatments for your vaginal sores. Additionally, by going in for a medical checkup you have the option having a pap smear performed which can give you a much better idea as to what you might be suffering from.

Especially in cases such as vaginal sores, a pap smear will be better able to identify the reason behind the Vaginal Sores appearing. For this procedure a speculum will be inserted into your vagina and widened so as to open the mouth of the vagina.

This facilitates a specimen gathering brush sort of like a long cotton bud to be inserted into your vagina where it will take a small swab of the surrounding vaginal walls. This specimen will then be sent off to testing and come back later in the form of report which you will then be informed about by your doctor.

It might sound like something out of a torture chamber but its all very simple and fast and over before you know it. A pap smear can also show you whether you have anything more serious than vaginal sores. With this knowledge you can then begin treatment of your vaginal sores.